Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fan Of Kalam

A hot sunday afternoon,mercury around 40 degerees.I am lying on my bed reading Wings of Fire by APJ Kalam.
Ceiling fan is blowing at full speed but the heat is such that the fan literally seems to have Wings of Fire.

Kalam ji shares a really interesting story in which he defines leadership really beautifully.

Kalam ji was working under the leadership of Dr. Satish Dhawan and they were working on a very ambitious project.It had been almost 3 years of efforts and it had to be launched in a weeks time.Whole of india was excited about this project but somehow on the day of the launch,something went wrong and the rocket plunged into water.

Whole of india wanted answers as to why did this happen? Whose fault was it?
The young team of Kalam and other scientists was petrified and nervous at the failure. Dr. Dhawan told the team to be calm and take it easy.He himself handled the press conference. Kalam was struck with this incident and after the conference he was called by Dr .Dhawan for the explanations.

Dhawan had immense confidence in Kalam ji and hence he gave him another year to get the fault fixed.

Kalam and his team slogged in for the next year and as expected rocket launch was successful the next year.Again a press conference was waiting,this time Dr.Dhawan asked Kalam ji and his team to address the conference.

Kalam ji says that this type of lesson can never be learn't in some business school or class.
He was humbled by the actions of Dr. Dhawan who taught Kalam that...

"Failure is for the leader and success is for the team".

I was also deeply touched by this story and i immediately rolled back to remember if anytime i had been in such a situation and what did i do as a leader?

Laying on the bed and thinking of a similar incident the fan above did take me to one such event.
It was i think 1996-97 ,summer afternoon.I was sitting under the fan and tossing a coin.I had been doing this for quite some time now...i gave the coin a toss and to my amusement it went straight through the fan and came down without touching the blades of the fan.

I caught the coin and looked at the fan above.It was almost blowing at full speed and still the coin manages to come untouched.

I got a bit excited at this and called my sister to see this miracle.She comes and i again toss the goes up ..but this time it strikes one of the blades and bang...the coin blasts the light tube in the room.It was a small blast sort of thing...white powder scattered in the room.

My excitement turned to shivering ,i was absolutely stunned and was already feeling the pain of the destined beating .

One of my neighbor came rushing after hearing that blast and cleared up all the mess.
When she was gone i immediately opened my books and started studying.My sister also thought that it was really a good idea  to get down to studies.

I wasn't able to concentrate ,the books were open but mind was elsewhere. Why didn't the coin go through? Why did it have to strike the blades?

At 3:30 my mother came from school and asked how come both of us were studying at this hour?We didn't reply.She sensed the unusualness around and may be  my ealrier trackrecord made it a a bit easy for her to guess.

She asked "Kya toda?"
I pointed towards the non existent tube.She looked above and was taken aback at the missing tube.

She pulled me by my ear and asked about the modus operandi of this operation.All this while my sister seemed to have got more involved in her studies.She was not even looking at me getting thrashed.My mother smacked me on my face and the smack triggered the following explanation....

"Mumma I was sitting on the chair and tossing this coin. I was just tossing it and nothing else. I don't even know when Kitu came and turned on the fan.She didn't tell me that the fan is on and suddenely one of my tosses hit the fan and hence blasted the tube."

That called for a series of slaps but thank god this time they were divided.slaaaaap me slaaaaap Kitu slap me slap her.

I was the leader and i did exactly opposite to what Kalam would have wanted me to do.For me,Failure was for the team.All this while my sister remained quite and kept on dividing my share of beating. May be my team loved me but the leader was an outright _____________.(fill in the blank with whatever you like.I'll fill @33hole.)

I have improved over the years but i would certainly like to say sorry to my sister and thanks to Mr Kalam for such a beautiful lesson.

Today the Fan has made me a even bigger Fan Of Dr. Kalam.



Bhaiya I still remember that day very vividly and I was so amazed at ur innovative devilish could u cook up such a well framed story..well no need for that sorry bhaiya,, we've shared lot many of those thrashings together,irrespective of the fact that who was the real culprit..otherwise a good lesson by Mr kalam...

Abhishek Tondon said...

Lesson learnt!

But aap to bade shaitaan the .. !!
Aur upar se us bechari ko bhi pitwaya .. dusht!!

Chalo .. good .. u read Wings of Fire! :-)

Gaurav Vashist said...

@Abhishek - haan yar dusht to tha...par ab main badal gaya hun.:P
main wo gaurav nahin hun

@Kitu- Huhuhahahaha (Devil Laughter)
Yar sorry to banti hai....

@Both - Fill in the blank..both of you have given me your answers
kitu - Devil
Abhishek - Dusht....

:) Lets c how many do i collect?

Vishal said...

"modus operandi" mast tha :D sahi mein...

B@KhT@@v@R said...

I wud say NATKHAT Baalakon se aisi galti hoti rehti hai.....but i loved the comment.....ab main wo gaurav nahi raha....Hahahha!

We all are still what we are.....but have lost that childish innovation of ours in us....That needs to be reignited i suppose......Well the Word......Let it remain a BLANK for me....:)