Sunday, January 31, 2010


When i entered NITH,Computer Science and Electronics were the hottest branches,top rankers used to opt for CSE and ECE as their first option.
The choice was obvious as it guaranteed a cool IT job after college.

Recently i was talking to one of my juniors who is still in college,
he told me that Electrical and Mechanical have taken that cult status from CSE and ECE.
Now if given a chance to change the branch,students no longer opt for CSE or ECE,they go for ELE or MED.

What happened in fours years?
Why are all the students losing interest in computer sciences,how come the interest has generated in Mechanical?
Or was it really the interest or something pseudo?

I was mulling over this thought and somehow i stumbled over a video on you tube.
It gave me some real food for thought.

I think it's not the student's interest which determines what he studies.
It's the industry which determines what the student takes up as a subject.
Whatever industry requires our interests are modified accordingly.

It's the...
Industry which determines the Interests.

However there is a nation from which all of us can learn so much.
In that nation...
Two guys were interested in organizing the information of the world,they created a search industry which shook the world.
One guy was real interested in computers ,he created the personal computers industry worth billions.
I mean simply put,

It's the...
Interest which determines the Industry.

If you see the words in the two sentences ,they are exactly same.
How i wish i could swap the first and last word of our version of the sentence....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bramha Vishnu Mahesh...[TES Summit 3]

Rummaging through the visiting cards that i collected in the Mumbai summit i found the visiting card of a very interesting venture --Inkfruit.I met one of the founders,Kashyap Dalal and connected with him instantly as he was around 25-26 years. After discussing a few things about his venture he gave me his card and i was taken aback by the positions he and his partner held in their company.
Kashyap was designated the MAHARAJA and his friend was the NAWAB.I just smiled at the designations ,shook hands and left for the rest of the talks.

Why did they do so? Why didn't they go with the conventional CEO ,COO stuff ?
First impression was that these guys are just having fun but soon i realised it was something more than that.
It was about breaking conventions , It was about setting your own benchmarks and being iconoclastic.
It was about having designations that come with very less ego .It was about enjoying the business rather than the posts.

Above all it was about understanding business the Indian Way.

I was just immersed in the thought of understanding business the Indian Way and thinking for myself that do we really need to name our organizations like our western friends?Do we really need a board of directors or the age old "Navratnas" could do the job for us?
Why can't we name a post  as "Kautilya" for the Chief Financial Officer or may be a "Chankya" for the Chief Strategy Officer?

This way the person knows from day one...what is expected out of him.

While my mind was finding more relatable names for the designations ...on stage came the Retail king of Indian market ..Kishor Biyani.
I don't need to introduce him or his Big Bazaar but it was as if he somehow read my thoughts and continued with my thought process.

He started his talk by saying that in India only one type of business survives and that is the one which does business "The Indian Way".
I paused my thought process and hooked on to what Biyani Ji was saying.He said that his organization is influenced by indian mythology a lot.

According to Indian mythology ,In Srishti(Universe) Bramha Vishnu Mahesh(Trinity) have their tasks cut out.
Bramha -He is the Visionary Creator.(Entrepreneur)
Vishnu - He is the Preserver .(Managers)
Mahesh - He is the Destroyer .(I don't know if we have such post in our organizations)

Now this is  a very simple concept that someone has to envision the need for something new.You should have someone who does this in your company.You may call him a CEO,MD or President but this guy has to do the creation.
When we have decided on what to create ,preservers(managers) should come in picture and they should preserve that creation for its due duration.
When the creation has served its purpose for the duration decided,it has to be destroyed or else it will become stale.

Nature also creates life and then preserves it for some time and then destroys it,so businesses also need to create something useful,preserve it and then keep checking on its utility.If it has stopped being useful ...destroy it and start something new.

I think if these three guys can run the Srishti for ages ,they obviously can run our Businesses.
Figure out the Brahmas and the Vishnus and the Maheshs of your company and enjoy the basic understanding of business  - The Indian Way.

PS: There is another controversial yet debatable topic on most of us wanting to be a Vishnu , Don't you think we need to be a Brahma or Mahesh first?

but that's for another post ...  :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


It was March 1994,an icy cold Himachal morning and it was drizzling a bit which made the chill drench down your spine.

I had recently joined St lukes.I must say it was hugely intimidating(2000 students) in comparison to my last school(200 students).
My family valued the admission to St Lukes so much that anything (homework,any function,new dress or books) related to the school was a concern of the highest order.Full house went into a emergency mode as if we owed "Saint Luke" something and wanted to please him.

This story goes back to a day when our social science teacher had asked us to bring an Atlas to class.I think i was in class 4.
I told PAPA , he made sure he got it on his way back from office.Somehow while packing my bag i forgot to put the atlas in.
I reached the school campus and was sitting alone at my seat,
being a new comer i hadn't mixed up with my classmates.

As first class was Social Science i opened my bag and searched for the atlas.
I zipped and unzipped all small and big zips in my bag but it was just not there.
I started to shiver ...a bit due to the temperature but mostly due to the missing item.

It was already 7:50am,class would start at 8:45am.
I would be beaten in front of the whole class or may be she throws me out of the class.
No No its just an atlas ..she'll not throw me out.

All these thoughts were running

I thought what can i do..i ran towards a shop just close to our school and made a call to PAPA.
I told him about the atlas ,he also panicked as he had bought it the day before and how could i forget it at home.
I started crying on the phone and told him that i was coming home.
He told me to stay and he would get the atlas for me.
It was 8:05 already and it usually took 45 minutes(on foot),time was less and we didn't have our scooter(chetak) also at that time,
moreover it was raining,temperature was around 2-3 degrees but i was not thinking about that at all.

I was just thinking about the beating i would get in class.I was helplessly looking at the curve on the road and hoping the next person on the curve would be PAPA.I was getting so restless that i would move to that curve and then look at the next curve as i thought...that if he has reached there i would run and get the atlas myself.

It was 8:25am and i was totally wet in that rain... waiting for PAPA but he was just not there.
I was crying ,i didn't want to go in the class but what should i do ,the school gate would also close in other 5 minutes.

I gathered all my courage and thought i am going in and would face whatever comes from that teacher.
8:45 class started ,she took attendance .She asks if all of us have brought our atlas.The class replies YES in unison.
I don't remember if i said Yes or No.
Whole class bent and opened the bags ,they got there atlas' out.
I also bent but i didn't want to come up,i kept searching for the non existent atlas.

Then she asked if anyone who has not brought the atlas please stand up.
This was the moment i was dreading for long.I stood up ...shivering..crying and hoping she doesn't beat me up.
She asked me why didn't i get it?
I replied the bisyllable "Sorry"  [As you might remember Curtain...anything longer that required a lot of time]

She said "no sorry...nothing. All those who have not got the atlas please come forward.Careless Fellows"

The moment she said this there was a knock on the class door....
I am standing there and i looked up as i knew it should be PAPA.
Door opened ....

No it is not PAPA ,it is some helper.

It was 9:05am i think, we careless fellows have been standing in front of the class for 20 minutes...class teacher told all of us to go back to our seats.
And then what do i see...PAPA is standing on the door wearing a yellow raincoat....and waving the atlas towards me
he is panting...he is out of breath ...he is drenched with i don't know if it is sweat or it is rain because he has come running from my place to School.
He has ran 4 kilometers in 2 degree temp just to make up for my mistake.

I got angry as it was of no use now....i didn't thank him because he was 20 minutes late.
Why didn't he run faster to save me from the punishment?

All these years he has done a lot to make up for my mistakes...i didn't thank him then and i rarely do thank him now also.

I just want to thank him from the bottom of my heart and give him a hug for all those races i have made him run.

Thanks PAPPA. :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Absolutely Relative

Thanks to Aamir khan for giving a festive feel to the last week of every year.
3 idiots is making huge statements yet not compromising on the entertainment.

Inline to 3 idiots i have a Chatur Lingam in making at my home as well.. my 4 year old cousin.

Recently i was home and my cousin wanted me to see something.
She showed me her report card and boasted proudly ...."I came first in my class".
I could sense a chatur in the making ...
Alrite in all these years i have become a computer engineer and
computer engineers have a tendency to analyse everything logically and in great details.
We also worry a lot about the worst case scenarios in all our algorithms...

So here is a fully detailed analysis of my cousin coming first in her school
There will be around 50 schools in my city,so in worst case scenario her rank amongst all the toppers would be 50.
Extrapolating On state level -around 2500,on national level -around 2500000 .
if we keep doing this worst case analysis she might be ranked at some 250000000 in the world.

She is relatively a topper in her school but absolutely she is no where near ..

I think this relative thing is befooling all of us as it gives us a false picture of being the best but relatively.
At the same time i believe giving a absolute rank is impossible as it would require a huge synchronization in infrastructure
and a central body to look after it.

So we can do something ...
We can make the growth of a person "Absolutely Relative" to himself.
It goes like this...
If yesterday i could read 300 words in 5 minutes.
Lets see if i can read 350 words in 5 minutes today.
I am improving every day and in this way my growth would never stop as i am always improving my last performance.

As i never come first or last in this kind of evaluation,i am on a continuous learning curve.

I just wish i could make my little cousin understand this little educational reform of mine.

After all
Life is not a race
We don't have to run fast....
We won't be like a broken anda if we don't compete...