Thursday, October 29, 2009

Body Building

There were two friends Dharam and Veeru,both of them were born in a village where Body Building was taken as a status symbol.

Veeru loved to build his body but Dharam was reluctant and had no interest in working out those muscles.
Still due to societal pressure he gets into the profession.

One day a renowned body builder comes to the village and lectures them over latest techniques of body building.
He told that if they worked on his preachings he'll take them to new heights,he would get them a brilliant job.
He gave them a few hand written scriptures and a few web URLs to go through.
He also promised to come and see their progress sometimes later in the year and fixed 12 DEC for the meeting.

Veeru just loved the lecture and from the next day he followed the tips and tricks told by that man.
He would browse the URLs one by one and then do the exercise regularly.
He was enjoying what he was doing ,gradually he started loving the PROCESS and results were there to be seen.

AS Dharam had no interest in all these workouts he thought that he would go through the scriptures and URLs just 2 Weeks prior to the day of meeting.He would not workout regularly.He knew the stakes were high and if he didn't work hard he would lose the offer.

Meeting with that person was a EVENT for Dharam and he thought that he would easily get the job because he would have read all the books anyways.

Meeting day finally came and no prizes for guessing who got the job.
Veeru made it because he took body building as a PROCESS .

Even if Dharam read all the scriptures, his bulging flabby tummy defied all his knowledge.

The renowned body builder told Dharam that TRUE SUCCESS is not an EVENT ,its a PROCESS.

You have to go thorough the Process .enjoy it and success will be all yours.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Foresight and Hindsight

There is a investor who has $1 million to invest in a startup and there are two teams who are looking for this investment.

Leaders of the two teams come to pitch their ideas to this investor.

Now one leader is 23 years old but has a brilliant idea which has never been done earlier and has a lot of potential but risk is there as he doesn't have any market experience.
Another one is a 45 years old with 23 years of industry experience,returns might not be that high but he has a mature head and success of his venture is almost sure.

Who would get the investment?
If answer is first one you live in an economy where talent and foresight is given preference over experience and hindsight.You will find people in there early twenties as CEOs running FaceBooks, Twitters or youtubes.

If answer is second one then you are living in an economy where experience and hindsight is given preference over talent and foresight and you won't find people in there early twenties as CEOs running FaceBooks, Twitters or youtubes.

Talent and foresight tell us what can be done to have a better world? How the future should be? They envision something which just doesn't exist.

Experience and hindsight tell us What should not be done? They tell us about what went wrong when they took that particular step.They prevent us from getting stuck in that trap hole once again.

I suppose its better to prioritize talent and foresight and then when the vision/dream/goal is set in place we should rope in Experience and hindsight so that we don't mess up our vision.

Its better to fund Larry and Sergey first and when they sort of know where they are going, get in Eric Schmidt.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Passion for Passions


You go up to Sachin Tendulkar and ask him

Why do you keep playing CRICKET?
Now imagine the way he will react to your question.

I suppose he will feel irritated ,bemused ,baffled ,frustrated at this question of yours.

But still if you pester him to answer this question he might come out with a irritated reply which probably won't be anything more then

I just love to play cricket and that's why i do it.”

This reaction and reply are probably the reactions that you would give when questioned about the truest and purest of your passions.

As they say “Chase your passions and be successful”, but how does one know what is his passion??

Just ask yourself this very simple Question “Why do you keep doing XYZ ??” and if the answer and the reaction are similar to Sachin , you are indeed following your passion unconditionally in its purest and truest form.