Monday, October 26, 2009

Passion for Passions


You go up to Sachin Tendulkar and ask him

Why do you keep playing CRICKET?
Now imagine the way he will react to your question.

I suppose he will feel irritated ,bemused ,baffled ,frustrated at this question of yours.

But still if you pester him to answer this question he might come out with a irritated reply which probably won't be anything more then

I just love to play cricket and that's why i do it.”

This reaction and reply are probably the reactions that you would give when questioned about the truest and purest of your passions.

As they say “Chase your passions and be successful”, but how does one know what is his passion??

Just ask yourself this very simple Question “Why do you keep doing XYZ ??” and if the answer and the reaction are similar to Sachin , you are indeed following your passion unconditionally in its purest and truest form.

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Vishal said...

cogent post..... :) good one....