Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who runs your company?

It took me a long time to recover from my catastrophic last (deleted) Blog :-).A lot has happened since then and a lot is happening right now.

Amidst all these happenings and non happenings there were a few things that i wanted to share.

One of them was the following......

Nandan Nilekani (Infy co founder and at present Chairman Unique Id project) was asked that when you leave Infosys what damage it will have on Infy.How will Infosys function without you?

Nandan--" Infosys is not a individual driven Company it's a values driven company and when something is value driven you need not worry about it's functioning."

At first it seemed like just another cliched management funda but slowly it got big on me.The more i thought about it the bigger it got and more i could relate it to our day to day life.

Analogy from day to day life is like parents try and teach there child some values which he should adhere in his life. A few fortunate parents can say with pride that "I don't need to worry about my child ,i know he'll do well".These are the ones who know there child is now values driven and not individual driven.

A child remains "individual driven" or "values driven" depends on a few metrics such as

Do we force our decision on our child or Do we let him think independently ?
Do we treat him as a nobody or Do we let him have a sense of ownership ?
Do we let him learn from his mistakes or Do we force our burden of expectations on him?

A company is also like a child , it needs the same values as we give our child.

Think of a values driven relation where you remain loyal even when your other half is not monitoring.

Think of a values driven classroom which sits quietly and does its work very very diligently even if the teacher is not there.(I know it would be very boring but still think of it :-))

Think of a values driven company where employees work honestly and with integrity even when your lead is not there.

It's a very simple concept to listen yet very complex to comprehend and even more difficult to execute.

Think about it and answer......

Who runs your company??
or more relevant.......

Who runs you ??


Anonymous said...

Nice question .. one that all of us should ask ourselves.. regularly.

- Abhishek Tondon

saurap said...

Very true... A values driven company will always be much more efficient and reliable than an individual driven one...

Saroj Thakur said...

A value driven Educational Institute would be a wonderful way to rerach the height that we aim for but these values have to be real ones and not sham values that we often come across!

A very good question. A brilliant post!

Gaurav Vashist said...

@ Saroj Mam

Thanks for your comment Mam

Values have to be real and they have to be practised every moment,every second.

Gaurav Vashist said...

@Saurup and Abhishek -Sahi main yar,the simplicaity of the concept got to me and i realised how we can do wonders by adhering to very simple concepts like these.