Sunday, June 20, 2010


Who is a good manager?
In a team how do you separate a good manager from a bad one?
What are his characteristics,how does he behave,what his management style?

I have tried to come up with a small differentiation.
Good Manager(GM) is a LEADER.
Bad Manager(BM) is a MASTER.

I'll explain what i mean...

There is a jungle to be crossed ,no one knows the path.

A GM(Leader) will assign responsibilities to each of his team members .
Each one in the team is working on the same task,everone is contributing to the same task ,the GM is leading them.
Formation of the team is like this

***              --------------------
***    GM          Jungle                                
***              --------------------

Everyone is happy and the team morale is high

however in the other case it is like

Jungle has to be crossed ,Master (BM) is sitting on a chariot commanding his troops to make a way.
He expects the team to know a way or if they don't...they better figure it out.

         ***      --------------------
         ***         Jungle                                         
BM   ***       --------------------
Probably the boss is morale takes a dip.

In both cases the work is done but i think the latter is an authoritarian way of doing things.
If one says that he has mastered his team..that means he has created an army of robots,who don't think on there own but just obey the commands.

You Master master master tools.
People are never mastered....they are led.

They are led the Bhuvan way(lagaan), they are led the Gandhi way.
However ...Cricket is Mastered the Sachin Way , Music is Mastered the Rahaman way...