Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Running Within

Have you been thinking of running for sometime but are not able to enjoy it.

Following may be the reasons :-
1)Too tiring and too much of an hassle early morning.
2)Too boring..while running you suddenly feel like ..."why the hell i am doing it."
3)Can't see the results. Chances are you might have started for losing that extra fat on your waist.
It's been a week but the flab just doesn't seem to budge.

If you want to start/restart running ...i'll give a you a few tips that might help you...enjoying the run.

Here we go...

1)I started running around a year back...and my iPod was my best friend.It used to help me run long distances as i used to be so engrossed in the music that long distances just didn't occur to me. I see a lot of people doing that. However if you want to really feel the joy of running just throw away your iPods...earphones. Just run.

Music actually distracts you from the activity you are doing.
While you are running, just run. nothing else.

When the music is not there...you'll hear you heartbeat...you'll hear the breath...you'll fell the pain in the calfs. You'll hear your body. That's when you'll come to know how your body reacts at a particular distance.  

So TIP 1 : While you are running. Just run. 

2)Another thing that we are obsessed with is distances and timings. You'll find a lot of updates on my facebook wall also. This is a destination focused approach...and running is 99.999% about the process than about the destination. And as usual destination focused approach always overpowers the joy of process.

Instead of measuring the kilometers may be count the breaths you took.
This has two benefits..first you become a part of the process and second you are in the very moment of that breath.

So TIP 2 : A good runner enjoys each and every step of the run.

3) Another thing to note while running is that it's not just the legs that you need for good running.
A good runner..engages his whole body while running.

He uses the legs to push himself forward.
Torso has to be stable ..so it's like legs are moving and they are attached to a super stable torso.
Arms go back and forth ...bent at 90 degrees..perfectly in sync with the opposite leg.
Head is held stable with your vision fixated at a distance.

Don't look to the ground while running...look ahead.
To maintain a good rhythm...breath is a very good tool.
Breathe in the 2-2 pattern..for the two steps...inhale...for the next two exhale.

At last,use your mind to keep all of these in sync and functional.
so it's like a physical meditation kind of exercise.

TIP 3 : A good runner runs with his body..not just his legs.

SO 3 tips to start with.
I'll keep adding ...as i find new ones.

The more i run the more i feel myself  drawn to it.
It's not at all a physical activity alone...If you keep doing it for some time.

You'll find it engaging you scientifically,physically,psychologically and at a higher level even spiritually as well.

If someone feels like running anyday..do message me your number on FB.
A pep talk is always ready to get you started.

Or may be call me at 9958896184..i usually hit the road at 5:30 in the morning.

Happy Running :)