Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cycling Dilli

It has been around 6 months now that i have been cycling in and around Delhi. Trips to Noida and Gurgaon have been a real strength and endurance testers .So in a nutshell cycling has been fun but the post is not about my cycling expeditions's about something else.

It's about how the people of Delhi have taken my cycling? 
It's about their reactions....

Normally i leave for my cycling expeditions looking something like this  ------>

Ok so.. now we start with the reactions....

Comment  1- "Beta ji aapko sharam nahi cycle pe jate ho." :-o 
Source -  Aunty Ji(Neighour)
My reaction  - Confused, i mean i was like speechless.Why should i be ashamed ???????  What have i done ??

Comment 2 - "Aapki salary kam hai kya..."
Source  - HDFC guard ,he sits right in front of where i park my cycle.
My Reaction - Hanji bahut kam hai ...kuch nahi dete ye log.Cycle se metro ka paisa to bach hi jata hai. 
He nods his head as if his assumption had just been validated by my answer.

Comment 3 - "Oye.... cycle utte bhi helmet laya hoya gal oye.??"
Source -  4-5 Punjabi Boys in a Santro car. They were having beer and music was blasting loud.
My Reaction - Smile on the face and the most vulgar of pejorative in my mind. They made fun of me for some distance and i was just wishing for them to get lost out of my sight.

Comment 4 - "Commonwealth se pehle nahi rukne wala ye"
Source - Blue Line bus conductor
My Reaction - Smiled and hoped the conductor was true...i really want to continue my cycling .The conductor made that comment and then did a small hi five with one of his co conductors.

Now the last one is quite creative

Comment 5- "Ohhh michael jackson side ne ho laiii......" [Ombir style- khosla Ka Ghosla]
Source - Rickshaw Wala
My Reaction - I mean i am not sure if Michael Jackson ever did bicyle...even if he did he was not famous because of that. I very politely got to one side[i should have moon walked]...and  with utmost politeness i offered him the pass.

These were the top 5 comments that i remember.Cycling in itself is fun...these incidents make it  funnier.
Infact i have started enjoying them.... 


Abhishek Tondon said...

Good fun!


SANKET said...
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SANKET said...

According to the 2001 census the Population of Delhi is 13,782,976.So let us assume
* 60% of the people own a vehicle
* On an average let us assume each vehicle travels 10 km daily
* Assume .2 liters of petrol is used for traveling 10km
1 liter of petrol emits 2.3 kg of CO2 (

So daily DELHI EMITS ONLY 3804101 kg of CO2
and Yearly ONLY 1388497002 kg of C02.

Boss jab bhi koi tuje comment mare use bolna "dost main cycle isliye chala raha hu taki tere bache oxygen le sakte".

Modern India has a mindset that your status is dependent on type of objects(car house etc)you own.People just don't see the INTENTIONS of other people.

Gaurav you rock buddy agar main tere saath raha to muje cycle sikha dena phir dono cycle main dhoomene jayege

Gaurav Vashist said...

Hey Sanky,

Ya i know the intensity of the issue..i may not have thought that d eeply. if i be honest i'll say that i cycle because it satisfies my apetite to explore.I cycle because it is a good way to be fit.

Along with all this if i am doign the environment also some good.

So it's a win win situation for all.

@Abhishek - ya fun it is.Reading these comments is fun...listening to those comments is some other case. :)

Suresh said...

rickshaw wala was mast..:-)

Shishir Goel said...

School ke bache:

"Dekh saale ko, bada hera ban raha hai" :P

Shishir Goel said...

School ke bache:

"Dekh saale ko, bada hero ban raha hai" :P

Manoj said...

shabaash bhai..
but I don't see your weight coming down .. Is there any improvement??..

Saurabh Singh said...

Kya Gaurav, Cycle pe work par jaate ho? MakeMyTrip mein naak mat katwana hamari. ... Kidding! :D

I receive similar reactions when I wear shorts and leave my house. And not those running or boxer shorts (which are actually inappropriate), but denim or cargo shorts longer than knee length. How is that not suitable for Delhi's heat?

One rickshaw wallah who waits next to the post office comments: "Kya bhaiya, aap bacchon ki tarah half pant mein ghoom rahe ho?" The guy himself was wearing a lungi that barely concealed his unmentionables.

Shamail said...


Sochne do what would I have said..
(No offence please ;-) )

Oye chaddi.. road kya tere ba** ka hai! ;-)

Just kiddin, but I know, the mindset is really shitty about the assets. I just long for the day when I too could come up on cycle..

Shaurya said...

Nice one...

I wish u could reply to those bloody santro riding farji punjabi guys..

bloody gafaar bazaar materials ..I know their standards ..hehe

anyways ..keep riding !!

Sandeep said...

Intresting POst :)

Gaurav Vashist said...

@suresh - Bhai mast to tha...i have become more patient..thanks to all these commments..

@shishir...haan that was also good but i though wo sunane me jyada maja aaya tha likhte hue thoda repetitive ho jata.

@Manoj - bhai 7 kilo kam kiya hai..kya baat kar di tune aaj,

@ saurabh - Ya very true yar..sometimes it gets really difficult to expla9in your stance on certain things...and that too because of certain hardwired conventions...

defying conventions is nothing less than a sin...

@Shamail - True but you wouldn't have got the pass aftre that comment of yours...

@Sukhi - Bhai hudd the wo bande...they were just making a mockery of me....

@Sandeep - Yo man .. :)

Yogesh Bhardwaj said...

"Sirji tusi gr8 ho"