Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nouns and The Verbs

Run is something i do for myself..Runner is something that i am for you.

On days when i am both...
the Run and the Runner ..i am happy
as i ran and got acknowledged as well.
On days when i just run and no one calls me the runner
I am OK.
as i ran without any external acknowledgement.

On days when i don't run and still someone calls me a runner.
I feel like telling them that you dont call me a runner on days i don't run.
Or i am not a runner whenever i am not running.

......but then i let the praise come my way...and don't tell anyone about me not being a runner that day.

As days pass...fascination may build up with the run
or it might get built up with people calling me a runner.

Fascination with being a "Runner" is a fascination with the Noun.
Fascination with "Running" is a fascination with the Verb.
Fascination with the Verb almost always ensures a fascinating Noun.

Vice Versa may not be true.

PS: CTRL A Ctrl C Ctrl V this blog into a text editor and replace Run with any verb that you can relate with.


TG said...

good one

muditsethi said...

so true .. now, let the runner run!