Saturday, May 30, 2009

About me.....

It was sometime in 2005 that i created my orkut account.This was followed by filling up of the orkut profile.There is a section in this orkut profile that says "ABOUT ME".

About me --2005

"I am a doston ka dost and dushmanon ka bhi dost.I live each moment of my lif e king size .Enjoy each and every moment who knows ye moment kal ho na ho.Love you all"

In 2009 i sat there reading my ABOUT me .I just gave it a reading and i just said "come on gaurav have you written that????? noways." You won't believe i was embarrassed at this earlier effort of mine.I can i write love you all ,kal ho na ho,doston ka dost. I Mean, yes i am all that but this was heights of plagiarism .It had to better put and it had to be less clichéd.So i immediately deleted it from orkut and sat to give it another go.

After a lot of introspection thinking who i am,what are my characteristics,what defines me best?I came up with this

About me 2009

"I have my VISIONS -- that makes me a DREAMER

I have to live my DREAMS -- that makes a BELIEVER

I have to know my BELIEFS -- that makes me a LEARNER

I face challenges in LEARNING-- that makes me a FIGHTER

I may or may not conquer every fight--
you may or may not call me an achiever

but for the path that i travel from VISION to FIGHT
I'll always be a WINNER..."



Rookie said...

sirf symbols dikh rahe hain
jo likha hai woh nahi dikh raha

Gaurav Vashist said...

hey dude :P ye to sorry ho gai

ab dikha???

Rookie said...

yo babes...

suhail said...

ultimate posts
once you start reading u have got to read all of them... itz kinda addictive
gr888 workkk