Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Everyday i see the sky......and i want to fly

Born today , i stared up
it's only me,yes only me that's laying down
rest everyone is standing up
i wanted to stand ,i wanted to be one of you

i tried..........., i fell.........., i cried
i was in some sort of pain
but he came

and yes he helped me get up again..........

Now i can stand on my own, i don't fall any more
but i know ,it has got to be much much more

I want to walk ,
its such a big house and i want to explore

Walking was fun until that stair came in my way
i wanted to conquer that stair

i tried ....... , i fell........ , i cried
it was such a pain
but there she came

and helped me get up again............

Now i walked around with ease ,no obstacle was big enough for me
but i knew
it was not had to be running for me

i wanted to beat everyone....i wanted to be fast
i entered a race and i was not sure when would it last

competition was strong and terrain was rough ,
i was afraid.....

i tried ........ , i fell............ , i cried........

but there they were.....
watching me run in my lane

and yes they came and made me get up again......

Now i run amongst the fastest

and all these years have taught me

no race is hard enough as long as you put in a genuine try.
running was fun,tracks were my forte but now I WANTED TO TOUCH THE SKY

yes yes has to be the SKY as now i want to FLY......

and this time
i'll give it the best of my try
i may fall ,i may rise
but i assure
that i won't cry

and yes thanks to all of you to get me this far
i have learn't how to handle my pain

and this time if i fall

I will MYSELF get up again

best of luck dear , go chase your dreams.......


isha said...

Boss tu to gayak se kavi ban gya reeeeeeeeee

hehe nice very very nice gud keep it up

dreame and believe

u can achieve nethin in ids world if u believe so my frnd go ahead and catch ur dreamz

all d best

Gaurav Vashist said...

that one is for my sis :)

Rookie said...

I'll be there two steps behind you... [:)]

maverick said...

nice one bhai,,well keep the course

Rajkarn said...

Really a nice composition sir....
Wish U best of luck for realizing ur dreams.
It's was a gr8 pleasure reading it....very inspirational :)

Gaurav Vashist said...

thanks a lot raj