Sunday, June 14, 2009

Polarize -v 1.1

Sequel to polarize -v 1.0
(if you have not read version 1.0 ,Please do that first or else you'll lose plot )
Guy Kawasaki in his book has talked about a concept called "Polarizing people".In this concept he says whenever you come out with a product in the market ,it should be able to polarize people.

People should either have a jaw dropping ,eyeballs-popping reaction

(ie Oh my god....i just want to have it right now)
eg .iPhone


They should have a "just-take-it-away-that's-pathetic" kind of reaction.
eg Chinese variant of iphone

Your customers should either like it or they should dislike it,it shouldn't be a ok-ok reaction.If the product polarizes customers it will stick.Your brand will stick. You'll keep your visibility intact in the market .

so that was from marketing perspective,but i felt it could be applied anywhere.

For example schools- After 10 years if you go to your school,chances of your being recognized by your teacher are directly proportional to the degree to which you have polarized your teacher.

If you were a brilliant student --you'll be recognized.(+ve polarity)
If you were the nastiest student in class -you'll again be recognized.(-ve polarity)
but if you were a ok- ok mediocre student-- chances are that you will be greeted with a name that you have never heard before.(may be a rahul or a pooja )[no polarity]

So i suppose you get the concept of polarity...

Now we'll continue from where we left.....

I got a mail from tie about another event.This time i told myself that please ask your questions sensibly or better-- keep quiet and listen.
I reached there ..attended the presentations.In between the presentations we had a tea break(high tea or networking tea as they call it).

In this tea break i was trying to hide myself from the attendees of the previous meeting.As they might have seen Mr Rekhi knocking the hell out of me.

A person in his mid 40s approached me and we exchanged greetings.He told me that he felt bad for the way Mr Rekhi responded to my query.He said it was a valid point but Rekhi sahab just blew it away.

I couldn't believe ..this man had thought about my point ..he still remembers me.... how was that possible?

Then a few more entrepreneurs came to me and talked to me about that discussion.I was like stunned that so many people recognise me and actually they remember my point which i had given almost a month ago.

If i would have kept quiet....rekhi sahab wouldnt't have answered in that way...

if Rekhi sahab wouldn't have answered that way...i wouldn't have POLARIZED the audience....

so that was a case of negative polarity working for me .....although it was -ve but it was polarity and i was happy.

So many entrepreneurs gave me there visiting card and asked me to keep in contact.

It got all the more exciting when i realised its mapping to Guy Kawasaki's concept of polarity.I came home --told my friends about my stories of bravado(this time they were real).

I thanked Mr Kawasaki for writing that book and my devotion as a fan to Mr Kawasaki increased many folds.

I knew he is a super busy person but still i wanted to share this event with him.
so i sat down and sent him a detailed explanantion of what had happened.i sent him an email...i wished he would reply..

and yes

my wish was heeded .....he replied....GUY KAWASAKI replied ....:)

I had a guy kawasaki mail in my personal inbox.....i was jumping all over the place....telling my friends about Guy's mail...

It was a nice little journey from that guy kawasaki video -to guy kawasaki responding to my mail.

From all this i have learn't my lesson ie

Try real hard to polarize people positively,try to be on the positive end of poles but in that process if you come across some -ve polarity as well. Take it. It will help you remain visible.

**Next post is about the Question that i asked from Mr Rekhi..

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