Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Big Bazaar

On my way back from office i was struck with this very weird thought.

There is a place....where market is the producer and producer is the same as the customer.Same person does the advertisement and the same guy takes care of the Operations. 
Market,producer,customer,advertiser and the operations guy are all the same.

I know it's weird....but in a while it will start making sense.
I am talking about myself.

I am the market....I can get each and everything within me.

I am the producer who is creating different products .I can produce happiness,sadness,courage,integrity.
I am the creator of my future ..i'll create my successes and failures.

I have several consumers inside me..One is an optimist..other a pessimist.One is a go getter ..other is a lazy fellow.
One wants me to be the change...Other asks me to relax and enjoy the status quo.

I am the advertiser...I can advertise motivating stuff,depressing stuff,happy stuff or sad stuff....
Whatever i advertise it feeds to the strengths of any one particular customer.
Suppose i am advertising depressing stuff...the pessimistic customer will become dominant in the market. 
Equally true for the motivating stuff as well.

Whichever customer relates to the feed his strengths and the other customers start getting weak.
Only thing to remember is that advertisements have to be consistent.The moment you relax on the advertising front..demand starts to drop and customer loses on its excitement and the urge to buy that product.

Similarly i am the operations manager...advertiser got me excited for a particular product but without proper operations i may not be able to buy that product.It has to reach me when i ask for it.I have to manage all the logistics of the product to reach me at the right time at the right place.

Just like any well run company...if all these guys can work in perfect synchronization.. i'll get a amazing Product.

..and yes... the Product will again be me.


Chandan joshi said...

Good one Sir....

SANKET said...

nice one buddy

Shamail said...


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Yogesh Bhardwaj said...

Really good one sir. And I think we

have to be good manager of our own.

Because if we are the one all the

other things will improve

automatically. If we are not, we

have to work on it.

Abhishek Tondon said...

I found the concept really deep, and deserving a standing ovation.

I understand it's difficult to visualize oneself playing so many roles -- which we see different people doing in real life, but that's where the beauty of this concept lies! :) It's difficult to 'multi-chomotize' oneself, even in a thought experiment!

I would request you to revisit this wonderful post, say, 10 years down the line, and embellish it with sharper analogies, much more profound in meaning.

Gaurav Vashist said...

@Chandan & Sanky -Hmm Glad that you like it....:)

@Shamail -thanks a lot...keep your critics closer :)bata to de kya acha nahi laga..may be agle blog me sudhar sakun....

@Yogi--hmmm very true dost...i is absolutely true that we have to fix our own slef...then the rest ...

@Abhishek -Thanks a lot bro...there are a few readers who comprehend the things that i want my readers to are surely one of them...

Be it that about me or that holi message or this blog....You have almost absolutely been bang on with your analysis...

ya for this blog ...i know this is a very very abstract concept and synchronizing all these guys is on the tougher side but once we know about all these guys it's a case of delegating responsibilities to each one of them and keep motivating them to perform welll...

Shamail said...

Read it again!

This time I found it even more confusing.

Sorry to say, but this is my feedback..

1. As again, in light of some previous posts, title does not exhibit anything about the contents or its too lean to attract readers.

2. Comparison of the two disciplines, as per my personal opinion, is not that interesting thing. Or to be precise, the figure of speech simile is not exuberant.

3. It indeed does not sound spiritual (which you earlier mentioned verbally). At least by the way of explanation and the way it was put up.

4. Flow of the points is not well framed/structured.

5. Ending (which is usually the real charm of the post) is dull enough to make you yawn.

P.S please don't take my comments the other way. I've given some fascinating comments to your posts earlier. But as usual, I wrote what I feel, because in some recent time, I've seen some very excellent posts from you and I might be doing a direct comparison with them somewhere in my mind. So boasting about things does not make one go better (or better than before).. Simple! ;-)

Clear thoughts?