Sunday, May 2, 2010

Phelps' Mom

I am really blessed to have a mother who was so supportive of whatever her children wanted to do.
I'll like to share a few incidents which have left the strongest of impacts on me and my life.

I was pretty bad at chemistry...and by pretty bad i mean the worst that one could be.
My teacher called my mother and complained about my performance and my efforts.
Mom just kept listening and after some 15 minutes of complaining ,she told the teacher that
"May be your are not teaching interesting stuff."

To this teacher replied "Mrs Phelps you mean to say that we are the ones at fault and your child is a special talent.I'm sorry but he isn't and he is not going to be a succesful man in life."

We left the office and on our way back my mom told me
"Mike you have travelled 5 countries this year,swam with the top international athletes.This is much more important than those chemistry lessons.I know this will help you a lot in life.So don't worry and just relax as you are not just going to be fine in life but you'll do great. "

This gave me a huge boost and i gave my absolute very best at each of my laps.

Another event that i remember is that before leaving for Beijing olympics,it was kind of hugely advertised that i would win 8 gold medals.Hype was amazing and at every press conference i was just answering as to how i would win those 8 gold medals.

My coach and my mom were not ok with it.My mom talked to the coach and both of them planned something.
My coach asked me that "Are the press reporters going to help me win those 8 medals?"

I thought and i said "No"

Then why are you wasting your energy discussing it with them..

Mom came to my practise and held a banner in her hand,that said "Actions speak louder than words."

Mom made me go even harder that you don't win gold medals in press conferences.
You win them in the pool and thats where you should be.

Another thing she told me was that we just have control over our own actions.Rest we can not control but in order to realize that perfect dream....we need a bit of fate.
It doesn't matter if fate is in our control or not...we decide our fate if we put in the hard steps.More the number of hours i would spend in the pool..more would be my chances to get those 8 gold medals...more would be the chances for everything to be perfect.

I did what was required of me and yes i did attract some fate.....
Everything Seemed so perfect, i felt so good at Beijing....

All of us were standing in the Olympic stadium and staring at the giant screen...the opening ceremony was just about to start...

I had just one number in my mind....and that was 8.
Suddenly the countdown to start the games began on the screen....
Games started at 08/08/08 8:00pm.

I saw the screen ,smiled and thanked mom.
The fate was sealed.


Vivek Shah said...

Amazingly cogent and true for all of us. It just puts into perspective our support system(our parents) and because of which our fate is truly sealed.

prav said...

Truly amazing post......

Saurabh Baghel said...

I just can't thank u for each bit that i've read today.......amazing story...and so down to earth....when are u finishing your novel....or rather where can i get a copy of this?

pranav said...

The law of attraction..... it really works..... nice one:).

Pranab said...

Beautiful post. Loved it.