Saturday, February 19, 2011

Score - 140/6

Last Friday was awesome...Make my trip had its semi annual Town hall meeting...i met Harsha Bhogle...and yes i made a Debut on acting front.( Link to nautanki).

Harsha was as usual brilliant...just wanted to share a part of his speech.

"There are two types of teams...
1) The teams that are playing not to lose.
2)The teams that are playing to win.

At first i thought it's the same either case you win.
but than he delved a bit deeper into the concept.

Being in the first frame of mind can be disastrous for the team/individual/company.

Following is the example that Harsha gave to make this point...

Australia Vs Bangladesh Test match was going on.

Bangladesh was asked to bat first and they surprised everyone by making 350/4 on the first day.
Scoring at almost 4 runs an over and losing just 4 wickets would have been an amazing achievement
for the best of the teams.

At the end of the day Mohammad Ashraful was congratulated by the media for the team's performance.

One of the interviewers asks Asharful
"You are in a really good position...What is your strategy from here on?"

Asharful "Another 100 runs tomorrow and we are safe."

I mean when you are not in the habit of just don't believe that you can win.
Even after being in such a good position he wanted to be safe...he just didn't believe that his team could win.

Next day they were bowled out for 427.
and Australia was 140-6 at the end of the day.

Gilchrist came for a similar press conference.
Bagladesh 427 in first inning and The super power australia 140 /6.

"Gilli what do you have to say for that kind of performance?"

Gilli "Yeah mate we have dug ourselves a pretty deep hole. it's going to take some effort to win it from here."

This is what champions do...they play to Win...
They are not playing for not losing but to win.

Next time whenever i find myself in a soup...i would surely remind me of the scoreline 140/6 and ask myself this question...

"Comeon mate how do you win it from here."

Gilchrist scored a 144 in that inning.
Australia won that match. by three wickets.
that's the match



Prateek Jalan said...

awesome speech.. he was brilliant.. i saw deep taking notes. :)

Mayank said...

nice perspective