Sunday, February 27, 2011


Sachin has just completed his 100 th century and this is the interview that follows.

Harsha  - "Sachin that is some achievement...the first person in the history to score 100 100s.How do you feel.?"

Sachin " It seems like the first one...believe me the feeling is similar."

Harsha "Great...How do the other guys in the dresssing room feel. Gambhir also scored a 100 this match..but it's you who gets all the limelight, and this has happened for the last 21 years. How do the other guys react to it?"

Sachin "It's not about me's always been about the team...If We would have lost today....i think i would not have been this happier for my achievement. I couldn't have made it in these 21 years without my teammates."

Harsha "That's  really humble of you. It has been 21 years in international crciket. When are you planning to retire ..A lot of  teams would sigh a breath of relief.  You have really tortured them for long now.."

Sachin "(Laughs)  No it has never been that way...I have always enjoyed healthy competition . See the game of Cricket is above all ...all the players are its students. All of us are serving the game."

Harsha " Sachin i am seeing a pattern in all your answers...however i'll not discuss that right now . WE'll go on with the interview ."

Harsha "Sachin a lot of players like ...Baichung Bhutia....Saina Nehwal...Sania Mirza... have told about how they take inspiration from you. How do you feel when people from different sports tell you that?"

Sachin "See the basic ingredient for success in any sport is the same. You should be able to handle should be able to handle the success humbly and you should be ok with your failures. Thiese values are the core for any game...and this DNA transcends all games. You got to be a fighter and if you understand this'll do well in any sport .   "

Harsha "Infact we can extrapolate  this to crores of non - sportsperson who derive a lot of inspiration from you. They also like to emulate your work ethics....
Thanks for all these 25 years."

Thanks Harsha I feel it was all possible because of the  GOD up there...he has been really kind to me.

Sachin thanks for the lovely interview....i would like to share the pattern that i recognized in your answers.

When i tried to discuss the personal aspect of your achievement and compare it with the other team members you transcended your individuality and gave credit to the Team.

When i tried to compare the various international teams transcended the various teams and gave all credit to Cricket as a sport.

When i tried juxtaposing Cricket with other games transcended Cricket and took it to a higher abstraction of Sports.

When i tried comparing sportsmen with other profession people. I knew your integrity and profesionalism has transcended that boundary as well.

Sachin i think whatever you are doing is exceptional and you have transcended as  a human.

Thanks for taking birth at a time...when we could experience the phenomenon.


Nikhil Sharma said...

A lot to learn from "the Master Blaster's" life . My Salute to the legend :-)

Rookie said...

When did that happened ?
I mean the 100th Century.
Or just a speculation how it will go.

pranav said...

Take a bow Master !! u'll always be a source of inspiration to us ..........(" Transformed stones thrown at you into milestones, wow" ).

saurap said...

let him first hit the century dude...