Saturday, August 6, 2011

N8 for Rs 2000

I was really excited for my first cycle trip to india gate.
We had to leave early morning so i made one last call to one my friends for the journey.

I - What all should i carry?
My friend - Just a water bottle wat else?

I was in a confused state as to if i should be carrying my phone or not.
Atlast i decided to carry my phone ,my camera and my wallet and put it all in a small backpack.

In the morning i started at 5:30 from noida and asked Gaurav to be ready by 6:00am.

I reached mayur vihar around 5:50 and called up Gaurav to the main road...he asked me to wait for 2 minutes.

I parked my cycle and as that part of delhi is on the greener side..i thought of taking a few clicks.
I was thinking about the clicks and the camera...two guys came on a scooter and stopped right in front of me.

One of them got off and shook hands with me.
Then he showed me a N8 and asked me if i wanted to buy it.

I refused and told them that i am not carrying any money and moreover i didn't want to buy that phone.
The guy on listening to my reply turned hostile and asked me to show him my mobile.

I reluctantly took it out...he grabbed it from me and started sitting back on scooter,
I tried to snatch it back...but in a very hostile haryanwi tone he asks me...

"Jaan se Pyaari koi cheej"
I thought for a while .

The guy driving driving the scooter also tried to scare me..
"Nikalooon kya??"

I was thinking whether to put up a fight or let go.
I was not sure if they had any weapon or not...but i didn't have the guts to confirm it.

I decided against the fight thing and agreed to their first question.
Jaan se pyari koi cheej nahi.

While leaving they gave me a black mobile pouch...
I was relieved somewhat as it was probably the second hand N8(or may be third hand)  they were trying to sell me earlier.

Once they left the scene i could also see my friend crossing the road and coming towards me.
I opened to see the black mobile pouch and check the condition of the N8.

The thieves were damn professional in their work..they not only gave you the theft shock.
They cared about the customer experience after the transaction also.

The black pouch didn't contain a N8.
It had a RIN Bar.(Rin ki tikki)
I = Bivek Kaushal
My Friend = Gaurav Vashist

Just think what would you do in such a scenario?
and please share as this may be helpful to other people living in delhi.


abhishektondon said...

There seems to be a gang operating like this. When I was leaving Belzabar almost a year back, Srijith also narrated me an incident that took place on the road outside the Belzabar office and Srijith himself was the victim. Exactly same sequence of events - buy this phone n' show your phone n' then gone!

Secretariat said...

I too had an experience... Purchased a "mitti ka phone"... Dummy of N71 filled with mud and tapped around... and sold me that in an envelop... :-( and that day was supposed to be my birthday... :-) Happy Birthday.......... :-) ... Learn a lesson never ever buy a cheap stuff from anywhere... People like them even sell laptop and other electronic items...

Shamail Tayyab said...

Yaar Srijith's incidence was a ditto copy. And there was another guy who was robbed in exactly the same fashion, except that he accepted the deal in Rs 500, and he ended up buying a RIN supreme for that money ;-)