Monday, August 8, 2011

RUN Forrest RUN

I have been running /cycling for some time now...somedays i go for short short trips...sometimes i opt for monster trips...A 120 km CYCLING requires as much physical and mental endurance as is required for a 12 km RUN.

The longer trips are done more for the mental toughness than for the physical aspect of it.
I have seen a particular pattern in these longer rides....
The ride can be broken into three phases

Phase1: Destination-too-far phase
This is the phase when you have just started and you are really excited about the new journey.
Excitement very often results in a burst of energy (too much action) and that may lead to a rise in fatigue level and possibly a premature burnout and that may end your journey much before the anticipated timeline.

You have to get into a nice consistent rhythm to be in the race for a longer run.
In this phase Focusing on the journey and not on the destination helps you stay for a longer period.

Phase 3 :Destination-too-close phase
I came to phase three before going to phase two...just for the striking similarity in the destruction capability of this phase with phase 1.

This is the phase when the destination is visible and you are exhausted to the core.
Your fatigued mind asks you to quit as you are almost there....
In this phase complacency and fatigue...can prove fatal for the entire journey.
You did all the hard work but gave it all away in the end.

If you want to complete the journey and pass this phase ..just remember....
There is a lot of difference in "You were almost there" and "You were there."

Now we come to phase 2.

Phase 2: No-idea-how-far-or-how-close phase
This is the phase when you have no clue how far have you come and absolutely no idea how far you still have to go.

This happens mostly when you are running on the roads you have never ran before...
as opposite to..
Running on a road that you are familiar with....the thrill and the unexpectedness would always be lesser.

So in this phase you have no clue how much more physical and mental toughness is required...
You are done with the initial excitement of the journey...
You don't see the destination either...the only option you have is to HANG IN there .

Hang in...and believe .
You seem lost...out of clue...aimless
but just understand that any moment you may see your destination.
Whenever you think of giving is very much possible that the destination was just a few paces away.

After you have hung in long will suddenly start seeing the destination and that's when phase 3 comes into play.

Don't let the Phase 3 ruin all your effort.
Make sure you have crossed the line before you begin with the celebrations.

Keep the celebrations mild as this race was probably a Phase 1 to some longer race.

Keep Running. :)


Tarun Goel said...

Yes we discussed it in the car.

Arjun B S said...

Good one!

bansalmaddy said...

nice ending gaurav!
Allow me to share experience with the activities you mentioned. luckily bcos of facilities avlbl here i am involved in a Triathlon :) (run,cycle and swim)
> A Humble begining - showing respect to the challenge
> Enjoying the Journey (concept learned at ur place :) )
> Regarding end as a new begining.

has worked for me.

abhishektondon said...

Keep the celebrations mild as this race was probably a Phase 1 to some longer race.

Hang in...and believe.

These two become 'motivational quotes' for me! :)

Isha said...

I love dis one....kafi time baaad mza aa gya bond good :)

Anonymous said...

well expressed !!

Ramakant Agrawal said...

well written... felt fresh and energetic after reading...

Ramakant Agrawal said...
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Very nicely written.....Again the thing fits here is keep your calm and keep enjoying your journey....It is the key of the complete blog....What i have understand...:)