Saturday, September 10, 2011


A friend of mine...the most brilliant Programmer that i have met/seen/worked with. 
He is just absolutely in love with this coding thing.
He feels disheartened when he sees a data structure being used that you shouldn't have used.
He feels ecstatic when he sees some well designed and well thought out classes .

Algorithms will be studied for the sake of algorithms not for any company.
Design patterns will be studied not because someone told him that they would be asked in a particular company...
but for the simple reason of keeping his code beautiful.

The Child like enthusiasm that he shows for good,challenging...beautiful code is contagious.
He is so sure ,so sound in his knowledge that you can sense the security.
Whenever he is feel like asking for his opinion ...because you know he'll definitely make it better.

Recently he has joined a company in which he was the 5th employee.
He is getting a salary that people get at 2.5 times his experience.
Company might be insecure in comparison to the settled ones..but he just saw a exciting work opportunity.

He knows the company can close any day...he can be fired any day...but he knows his skill better. 
Your skill security covers up for the probable job insecurity....

I have known this person for some time now...and i want to keep knowing him for as long as i can .

As he is the one who helped me understand...

"There are two kind of job seekers  -   secure ones and the insecure ones.
There are two kind of jobs              -   secure ones and the insecure ones.

Match almost always is diagonal."  


Tarun Goel said...

*asli banda*

Richa said...

i kno who u r talking abt.. :)
and the startup is vased in bang right? :)