Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kunjum Cafe

There is this cafe in South Delhi ...Kunjum Cafe.
There are quite a few selling points of this CAFE...
To name a few..

1)There is no time limit on how long you sit in the cafe.
2)There is free WIFI in the cafe.
3)Music is really good but if you like to hear something of your choice...just plug in your iPod in the Dock.
4)The person who owns it is a ENGINEER turned MBA Turned JOURNALIST Turned TRAVELLER
5)You can go through a really well compiled collection of Travel books....actually the place is designed 
for strangers to meet and make travel plans.

Apart from these there is one thing that left me puzzled .

I was really puzzled at the business model of this can have unlimited coffee/tea/cookies and he won't charge you a thing.

But still i tried to see through the psychology he must be working on.
When you are asked to pay whatever you feel like...
you will try to be reasonable enough...and pay atleast equal to what you would have paid at a decent cafe like that... the things are free you won't order but you'll request.

After you have sat for some 1 hour or so...and have had 3 cups of pretty decent coffee...i got up to make the payment.

I went to the guy who served us...i think i was being reasonable enough and i gave him Rs 200.

He refused to take the money and directed me towards a which i had to push the money in.
It was kind of Daan Patra we have in temples.

Anonymity involved in the payment process ....refuted my psychology rationale behind his business model.

A place worth a visit... :)


JP said...

Very nice analysis! :)
This is something beyond "Business".

Prateek Jalan said...

kash yeh jagah apko pehle pata hota.. want to meet that person. :)

Richa Goyal said...

awesome! whr is it located exactly? i wud like to visit

Gaurav Vashist said...

@JP ...Indeed bro...this is not business..the person is a traveller at heart...and has provided a beuatifl place for the potential travellers.

@PJ Ab aa ja bhai...Chalenge dono bhai.

@RG This is located in hauz khas village...:)

tuxdna said...

Really a very interesting place to visit! Thanks for sharing :)