Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Have you ever been in a situation where you did something so embarrassing that you felt like disapperaing from the scene.

I mean just after committing the act you realize that you have committed a blunder. 
I  was the protagonist in three such acts-of-blunder....

Alright... the first act was performed at the IGI Airport.
Me and my wife were about to leave for Thailand just after our marriage.
Nervous...i was..as this was my first international trip .
Same was for my wife...she was looking up to me for taking her safely to Thailand.
I couldn't have afforded to not look in control of things.

I was repeatedly getting confused with the placement of the 
passport, tickets, hotel vouchers, foreign sims, foreign currency etc etc.

I got into the check in line...the girl was checking in the baggages.
I was looking at the travellers ahead of me to somewhat learn the check in process...i didn't want to look out of clue when my turn came.

After learning from a few travellers ahead of me..it was my turn.
The girl at the counter gave a very sweet smile and extended her hand for the passports.

I saw the extended hand and shook it  gleefully . :|

She was proffessional enough to not look perturbed...and very calmly asked me for the passports.
...her smile made pretty good mockery of me.

I tried maintaining my poise...and gave a very nervous smile to Shagun as if i was still in control.
She made a  puzzled inquiring gesture towards me...asserting i was not at all in control.

I so wished i could have vanished from the scene. :)

Second story....is of this saturday.
We were enjoying the delicious paranthas made by our Maid.
The door bell rings. 
I get up to check who was there.
The door bell rings again.
I open the door to see a lady in her late 20s with a small child.
She is scolding her boy "Beta dusron ke ghar me do baar bell nahi bajate".

This is the conversation that took place between me and the lady
Lady Smiles and says "Hi"
I Smile and say "Hello"
Lady Smiles again and says "Sunita"
I smile even wider and say "Gaurav"
Lady doesn't smile this time and says "No...i mean is Sunita there?"

I blush....as i was introducing myself to someone who was only interested in our Maid Sunita.
In all that embarrasment i facilitate the meeting of Sunita and the lady.

To complete this blog i was looking for a third story for some days.
I remembered one today...and this one is back from my childhood.

Our dada ji used to live with us...
Every night my mother used to give me a glass of milk which i had to go and deliver to dada ji.
Dada ji was living in a separate flat so it took a minute or so...from my place to Dada Ji's place.

After ringing the bell Dada ji used to take 30-40 secs to open the door.
That particular day...i got a whim .

I am standing outside the door...with the glass of milk in my hand.
I ring the bell.
Suddenely i say to myself 
"If i am not able to take 10 sips of milk before Dada ji opens the door...i will score less than 85%  in my 10th boards."

So the whim had set in...and the 40 seconds had started.
I had to take a sip almost every 3 secs.
I had kept 4-5 seconds to regain my composure.

So there i was sipping away like crazy and hoping to make the 10 sips before he opens the door.
In all this frenzy i couldn't see that he was peeping through the curtain.

I mean he saw all my 10 sips.
After  i had secured my 85% target and had regained my compsure....he opens the door.

I offer him the milk...but he refuses.
He gives me a look that was full of pity...

Dada ji with a consoling touch on my shoulder "Pee le poota tu hi"
(Please Son...you only have it.)



Ramakant Agrawal said...

last one is the best one...

Tarun Goel said...

bada reesk hai bhai tumhare saath rehne/jaane mein

Anonymous said...

haha....last one d best !

Ca!n said...

A big man is he, who is able to laugh at himself. Good one sir...

amar vashist said...

gaurav , VERY VERY relaxing and SELF entertaining YADEIN .