Sunday, October 9, 2011

siR Ji

i ThiNk iT was 2008..Pragati MaiDan....Delhi Book faiR.
i Had  recently developed  a penchance for readiNg books.
i Was not iNto some partiCular genre but yes biOgraphies used to fasciNate me.

iT was on a random stroll iN the book stalls when i Saw a book tiTled...iCon.
i Knew a biT about iPod and iPhone...iCon seemed as catchy as iT's other iSiBliNgs.

i Bought the book and that was how i Met STEVE JOBS for the fiRst tiMe.
i Read each and every book publiShed on Steve Jobs after that.
The love affaiR kept blossomiNg.

ThiS blog iS not what i Read about Steve that would be liKe  "StatiNg the already known" .
ThiS blog iS about why i Felt shattered when Steve Jobs left us on 5th October?

These are the three maiN reasons for me feeliNg that way

1)He made me look Smarter.
ReadiNg about Jobs always gave me storiEs. StoriEs that made me feel liKe a STAR whenever i Narrated them to my friEnds. i Felt smarter just because of knowiNg those storiEs. i Loved to see the awestruck people who were amazed by the unusual ness of these storiEs.

People feel great/cool/proud when they have a huge fan base....but wiTh Steve Jobs iT was kiNd of reverse.
People felt great/cool/proud just because they were a fan of Steve Jobs.
On hiS death...everyone wanted to prove that he iS the biggest fan of Steve...and so did i.
SiR Ji ....i Was and i Am your biGgest fan.

2)He made me do weiRd thiNgs.
iN hiS Stanford speech he asked all of us to follow our hearts.
He made me do thiNgs which often had no ratiOnale...but i Did iT because SiR Ji Had assured me that the dots do connect.

He made me do a extensiVe cycle trek of 60 kms iN the hiLls ... just two days before my marriAge.
He made me go iN search of a musiC shop at 10 iN the niGht just because i Felt i Needed to play that song on HarmoniCa.
He made me bunk my offiCe for 10 days...and go on a busiNess meet iN Mumbai Spending some 30k just to meet Narayan Murthy.

3)He asked me SeriOus QuestiOns.
WiTh hiS sudden death...i Was shattered.
i Was scared...i Was scared as he was one person who proviDed hope. He gave order to my chaotiC thoughts. He asked all of us one very seriOus questiOn

‎"iF today were the last day of my liFe, would i Want to do what i Am about to do today?"

May be i Am too weak to answer thiS questiOn.
May be i Am too weak to even face thiS questiOn.

but whatever iT iS....Answer to the above questiOn iS very clear to me.

i Do whatever i Want to do...whenever i Can afford to do.
He diD whatever he wanted to do...whenever he wanted to do...and wherever he wanted to do.

Death ...the occurrence of the event iS totally random.

He went at 56 ...i Can go at 26, 36 or may be 86.
i'M not sure...when i Leave...but whenever i Do...

i Don't thiNk i Can afford to leave this questiOn answered wiTh a majoriTy of "No".


Cheers to a man...who made i  so powerful.
iT's i  that he asks me to beliEve iN.

Cheers to a man ...who liVed.


Saurabh Baghel said...

clap n respect...that's all gobi....:)

admin said...

your post is quite inspiring!!
well done!!

Aravind said...

siR ji.

Ramakant Agrawal said...

Obviously, many of us are not doing what our heart says.. we all fear of something and i guess that something is change and challange.

pranav said...

'I' cannot 'C'omment 'O'n this blog : a 'N'itid.

Sir Ji,
(from "G to S")

Anonymous said...

With all regards to the great man who lived his life so inspiringly....I am a bigger fan than the author of this ode as I am also a fan of the fan of Mr. Jobs...adorable writting

Gaurav Vashist said...

Baghel ji se jitna seekh lo kam hai.

Thanks Rashmi. :)

Reddy Only you could have caught that :)

Ramakant ...True...Sir ji lived a fearless life and so did he ask all of us to do.

Rikki ...iCon he was :)

Anonymous i wish the author of this comment had not been anonymous :)

Nikhil Sharma said...

I hope you remember that it was you who introduced Steve jobs to me as a real hero, what he actually was. Before your intro, he was just another guy for me. So thank's for doing that.
The dot's connected well for me too :)
I pay my tribute to the great visionary Steve Jobs:-