Monday, February 22, 2010


All of us have our heroes...all of us have a few people who have influenced us in a way that they touch your lives. I have got my own set of heroes ....They are my Gurus.

Weird part is that all of them are named STEVE.

I have somehow learn't the most craziest lessons of my life from STEVEs.
I'll try and take you back in a journey with my GURUs till date.
Ok so i'll start with the latest Guru and go back chronologically...

The one that i am closest too is STEVE JOBS.
Look up to this man if you want to change the world.
Look up to him if you want to know the power of dreams.

When he was 23 years old, 
One reporter asked him about "What does Apple stand for? What is Apple here to do?
Jobs looked straight into his eyes ,paused for a while and answered  "We are here to make a Dent in the universe.."

Pause. Let it sink...

Promise'll say this someday in an Interview.
Even if not in an interview..Please promise to say it to yourself ...
with the same passion and with the same messianic sense of purpose.

and when you say it have certainly begun with the Dent making process.

Second in the list is Steve's partner...Steve.
Woz..that's his nickname..

STEVE WOZNIAK is a person who'll fire you up as a technologist.
He was the top guy in Apple computers but left it in 1987.

Reason that he gave while leaving was...
"I loved to work in Apple because this was an Engineer's company.
Engineers used to make things that used to excite them.
Now managers and marketing people used to go out and create a market for these products
...but lately it has become a market driven company. Market analysis and the market trends determine what the engineers will create.
Creativity has just died out.We have to drive the market,not vice versa.

This is no more an engineers company and i'll quit Apple....just for the love of Engineering."

I would love to have this passion for engineering someday
I know it's going to be a long process....but I have just started loving things...Technically.

Third in this list is a person whom you might have seen in a discovery show (The Crocodile Hunters) ..STEVE IRWIN.
The valor with which he used to embrace the crocs was something that excited me immensely.He taught me to be courageous (no matter if it's crazy as well). 

Infact one day in my place (Solan)..It was early morning and i was sleeping .
Suddenly i heard my Mother shouting..Saaanp saanp(Snake Snake...).
I heard the shrieks and got up...I went up to the snake and i don't know why?
...but i pushed my mother to one side and picked up the snake.

I was not wearing my spects so i went to my room to get my spects as i was not sure if i was holding the tail or the face.
In all this excitement i took the snake along with me to my bedroom.

My mother was about to faint seeing all this madness...and she was imploring me to throw it away.
You won't believe when i came out...i took it to a  field behind our house...

I was analysing the snake with a stick in my hand and his tail in another.
I pointed towards the snake and shouted to my mother "Ye bahut hi khoobsurat maada hai."(This one is a beautiful female. :))

That was the closest i ever got to enacting Steve but he has surely left me with the lessons of courage and a strong belief that no matter how strong the opponent is ,if the technique is right you can always hit his Achilles heal.

Last in this list is Austin....Steve Austin WWF fame.(I wish i could play that glass breaking sound for you)

3:16 ...bald cans and of course the STUNNER.
This man didn't teach me any life lesson but i sort of loved him.
He was according to me a guy who thrashed the bad guys.
He just knocked the hell out of them.....

I was so much in awe of STEVE AUSTIN that one day i gave a STUNNER to my little sis.
Yeah are right i stunned my sis.

Her neck was broken and she had that weird bandage around her neck 
...her whole body used to turn even if you had asked for only her head to look at you.

However i didn't like Austin much after that day, 
as in the evening it was my father..who turned into Undertaker and  knocked the stuffing out of me... 


Arjun B S said...

hahahaha!!! the Steve Austin and the stunner and the Undertaker part was too funny!

And man.. brave move there with that snake :-)

Gaurav Vashist said...

:) Man...i can't forget that beating...

Snake by the way was a tiny one :).It was a Kid.

Didn't mention it in the blog because that would have pacified the effect .... :)

suhail said...

"I pointed towards the snake and shouted to my mother "Ye bahut hi khoobsurat maada hai."(This one is a beautiful female. :))"
"...her whole body used to turn even if you had asked for only her head to look at you."
funniest lines ever
"ROFL" n i literally am rollling on the floor n laughing

Isha said...

Isha Chauhan like gaurav vashist's post hehe nice

Gaurav Vashist said...

@suhail hahaha....It was real fun man...the lessons are crazy but they are for real my heroes. :P

@Isha ---Thanks a lot ji...Gaurav Vashist also likes Isha's Comments on his blog. :)

Suresh said...

nice one...stunner part is really too funny and humorous...uncle ne sham ko fir tujhe stunner de diya....hehe

Suresh said...

it is the post with full breaking

ManojBlogs said...

What about STEVE Waugh and his inspiring leadership that made auzzies win 16 consecutive tests ... And then you also have STEVE Ballmer from Microsoft as well... :)

Anyways.. enjoyed reading every bit of this post.. especially the special effects in the post..
keep it up .. cheers

Rajkarn said...

Very nice post. Every part is full of amusement & motivation as well.
Especially, the Snake episode is quite adventurous. :P

Gaurav Vashist said...

@Manoj - Bhai..nahi steve Ballmer nahi...Steve Waugh i was thinking of putting in but Waugh se jyada i was inspired by Ponting. So only four STEVEs made the cut.

@Suresh and Rajkaran --Yup It was adventurous ....I am happy that snake took me lightly and i am sad that papa didn't. :P

divya said...

Great post and very entertaining ;)