Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Starvation Week

If you have read A healthy Cow..you might be knowing how difficult it was for me to put on weight.
It was with sheer resilience and determination that i have been able to achieve this forte.

Right now i weigh 81 kgs.(too much for a 5 ft 7 guy :( )

Now ...How i pray so that i can reduce a few kilos...

I am too lazy to join a gym so i have made one of my friends(Prav) join it.
Now the gym instructor tells him a few magic tricks by which you can lose around 5-6 kgs a week.
One of these tricks is the Starvation week...The trick is self explanatory and guarantees a loss of 5 kgs.
So we(me and prav) decided that we would starve ourself for a week.

Day one we could just have the fruits..nothing else.
I had 3 nice and big oranges in the breakfast and carried 3 huge ones to office for lunch.

In office one of my colleagues asked that why wasn't i having lunch.
With utmost indifference i told him about the Starvation week thing.
He stared at me as if he didn't get a bit of what i just said.

I emphasized and repeated --"Starvation week Yar!! Come on..." 
He pointed towards the two huge oranges that i was carrying and his gestures asked for an explanation for the "Starvation " claim that i was making...

I was trying to explain the concept to him...and suddenly Prav comes with 4 still huger apples in his hands.

PRAV ---"Gaurav ,Come for lunch .. i have washed the apples."
Our Colleague wanted to sue us both for using a misnomer for all the hogging that we were doing....

By the end of the day we had consumed 1kg Oranges,1 kg apples and 1 kg Chikoos plus 4 glass juice.

When i reached home, my maid had preapred 5 Roti's for me as she was not aware of my latest mania.
I told my roommate that i have to starve so i won't be able to have those Rotis.
We could not throw those rotis so next morning i got up and went in search of a black Cow.
I had to feed her those 5 Rotis. :) 

Again it was for A Healthier Me....

PS: I am into 2nd day of our Starvation week.Would let you know about how far it goes . :)


prav said...

yo man we will make it happen :)

Rookie said...

you tried to explain someone about starvation week with 3 big oranges in your hand
Thats the best explanation one can give.

Gaurav Vashist said...

When i posted this blog.Google showed me this ad :)

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eat to lose weight diet plan Call: 09223337999

Isha said...

lge rhe ho bhai ji but i dnt think ur starving hheee ur eating so much cmmonnn

Ekta said...

All the best for the remaining 6 days :)

Gaurav Vashist said...

@Ekta and Isha
I know your wishes will take me through :P thanks a lot :)

@Rookie and prav - :)

I am into day 4...carried it nicely till now.

Anonymous said...


Gaurav Vashist said...

@All Yo I lost 3.7 Kgs...counter is at 78.3 kgs...Still overweight by 9 kgs.

Will give this schedule another go...after a week.